Longarm Quilting Services

In the last few years, Jeannie has taken her vast experience in domestic machine quilting "to the frame!" She has found that longarm quilting on a frame opens upa whole new set of opportunities for her to create beautiful designs.

When longarm quilting first hit the quilting scene twenty or more years ago, the Edge to Edge (E2E) quilting that was being done did not appeal to Jeannie. The quilting would be done across the piecing or applique and right through across the border. To Jeannie, it seemed a shame to "plow through" all that beautiful work without any regard for it. Well, longarm quilting has evolved so now it enhances the workmanship rather than ignoring it.

With all that in mind, Jeannie has honed her skills to take advantage of these newer techniques. She can quilt your quilt without taking away from it and instead make YOUR workmanship the star of the show!

But not to worry. If your budget cannot afford this kind of fancy stitching, Jeannie offers Edge to Edge (E2E) with borders. What this means is for pieced quilts, she will quilt a lovely free motion design  or panto across the body of the quilt, stitch in the ditch between borders and then quilt a border design in the large border. And she can do this to your quilt for a small additional fee. For applique quilts, she will quilt a free motion design around your applique, rather than through it. And then she will add the stitch in the ditch and border treatment.


Prices are based on the Type of quilting you choose and the size of your quilt top in square inches.

To determine the square inches of your quilt measure your top in both directions, width and length. Then multiply the two measurements..

Ex: your quilt top measures 60 inches x 80 inches.

Your quilt size is 4800 square inches. .

Different styles of quilting are priced "per square inch (psi).

  • $0.015 psi - Large stipple or large simple E2E
  • $0.02   psi - Large open panto or large E2E
  • $0.025 psi - Medium density panto or E2E
  • $0.03   psi - Detailed panto or E2E
  • $30.00 Additional to above prices - Border Treatment
  • $0.035 psi and up - Custom Quilting. Price based on how dense and how detailed you want the quilting.
  • $40.00 - Minimum Fee for small quilts
  • $0.005 psi - Basting a four inch grid for hand quilters
  • $35.00 - Minimum Fee for basting quilts

Batting - Use my batting or provide your own

$0.20 per linear yard (90" wide) Hobbs Heirloom Batting, 80% cotton 20% poly

Quilt tops must be pressed, flat and square. If your quilt top does not lay flat, it will not lay flat after it is quilted.

Backing must be four inches bigger than quilt top on all four sides.

Ex: Quilt top 60" x 80" - your backing must be 68" x 88"

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Cell 407-538-9254