Custom Art Quilts

Custom made art quilts can be ordered with your tastes in mind. Jeannie will work with you to design an original art quilt in your style, subject matter, colors, and price range. She can even design an art quilt of your business logo.

One of Jeannie’s specialties is “Home Portrait” quilts. Using a photo of your house, she can recreate your home in fabric to hang as a memento of your family life. Email or call and Jeannie will make you a special art quilt you and your family will treasure forever.

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Having your wedding ceremony performed under a chuppah is an age-old tradition in the Jewish religion. How special it would be to have your own chuppah created just for you. The design can include any imagery you hold dear including your hopes and dreams for your future life together. Jeannie will discuss with you various ideas for the design and is always interested in special features to represent your life.  

The chuppah will be equipped with four “sleeves” on the back so that your florist can hang it during the ceremony. Then, at the reception, your family and friends can admire it up close as it hangs vertically for all to see.